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How to maintain brand loyalty with a custom design logo

16 Jun 2017 Scott Fishman 0 Comments

There's a lot of advice available on what makes a logo "good" versus what makes it "bad." But what actually makes a logo good or bad? Was a logo born badly? Or do you blame the parent company?...Read More


The Fijian Fashion Week celebrates its 10 year anniversary in style!

09 May 2017 Adeshni Pratap 0 Comments

In 10 short years the Fiji Fashion Week has become a major international event. Discover what's in store for the 10th anniversary celebration! ...Read More


5 kiwis making a big impact on the international fashion stage

18 Apr 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

Discover these 5 Kiwis making a splash in the industry, both home and abroad....Read More


Balance of key components achieves successful brand relaunch

22 Feb 2017 Dean Prosser 0 Comments

Quality, consistency, timeliness and price; these are generally the most important requirements designers consider when partnering with a production company....Read More


Why brand recognition is crucial for a new clothing label

09 Feb 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

We don’t just work with the big names in the apparel world such as Adidas and Wrangler, we also make sure we help new, upcoming designers to find their place in the industry. ...Read More

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