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Millennials favour global supply chain to meet digital challenges

19 May 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

The Millennials have all grown up and and now spending their hard-earn money... but not in the way we're used to. ...Read More


RFID Tags – How they work and why you should be using them

10 Mar 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

RFID Tags are being used more and more in all industries and with good reason. Discover how they work and why you should be adopting this technology in the fight against theft....Read More


Why brand recognition is crucial for a new clothing label

09 Feb 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

We don’t just work with the big names in the apparel world such as Adidas and Wrangler, we also make sure we help new, upcoming designers to find their place in the industry. ...Read More


Why hangtags are a powerful weapon in the garment industry

21 Oct 2016 Bruce Hadley 0 Comments

The fashion and clothing industry is one of the most competitive and ruthless out there. If designers want to stand out from their crowd, then they need something that makes people take notice of their brand. Customising hangtags is a simple way to do that....Read More


Why use a single supplier for global clothing label solutions?

08 Aug 2016 David Marshall 0 Comments

Anyone starting a business always has big dreams in mind. A small, local designer doesn’t want to just stay local, their dreams are big – and why not? ...Read More

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