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5 Questions to ask your label supplier

31 Aug 2012 David Marshall 0 Comments

For the past 20 years, Image Label Systems have been developing a dynamic network across Asia and the Pacific, delivering label solutions to a wide range of apparel customers across Australasia, Europe and the United States. These solutions not only deliver brand consistency, but also lower cost and time to market. With this in mind, CEO David Marshall suggests there are five questions apparel brand owners and retailers should be asking their label supplier. ...Read More


Image Label Systems expands China facilities

30 Apr 2012 David Marshall 0 Comments

"We have had a business in Guangzhou for several years, however we simply outgrew our old premises there" says CEO, David Marshall. Previously based in the historic PanYu district, Image Label Systems have recently re-located to Nansha. "Our new premises give us access to considerably more space, and that's important given the growth we are experiencing" Marshall says. And, he points out, in the context of China's role in global apparel manufacturing....Read More


Celebrating 15 years in Fiji

30 Nov 2011 David Marshall 0 Comments

"We first established a presence in Fiji back in 1996" says David Marshall, CEO of Image Label Systems. "We had been exporting to the Pacific Islands from our Australasian factories for several years prior to that. When we decided to set up a facility in the Islands, Fiji was the logical choice." Fifteen years on, and Image Label Systems are firmly in place as the leading supplier of label solutions to the garment industry in Fiji....Read More


More than just Barcodes

31 May 2011 David Marshall 0 Comments

The use of item-specific information throughout the product supply chain has elevated variable data management from being simply an issue of retail compliance. "Variable data is used to not only inform the retail customer, but the entire product supply chain" says Marshall. "Much of the work we do with brand owners and retailers is now around point-to-point solutions, where product is managed from point-of-production to point-of-sale."...Read More


The Image Label Systems Difference

30 May 2011 David Marshall 0 Comments

When Australasian apparel brand owners and retailers began sourcing from across Asia Pacific, they soon found a well known 'local' label solutions provider had already started developing their own infrastructure across the region. "We began establishing the foundations of our Asia/Pacific network over 20 years ago" says David Marshall, CEO of Image Label Systems. "We could see the inevitability of the changes to sourcing patterns, and we responded accordingly"....Read More

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Image Label Systems specialises in label and packaging solutions that communicate branding and item specific information, and carry RFID, barcode, antitheft and product tracking devices from source to point of sale.

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